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Originally Posted by CaptainEdwardJohnSmith
Ya around Bruisn Suzin? Cuz ya ned to go there too and get some guys/gals over here.

I'm doing my part next week, so, Sandi, make sure youare around

Do you mean me? If so, I no longer participate in CC. I had the moderators remove all of my personal info back last time you and I went round the mulberry bush. It is like Baghdad over there. The people over there started to scare me. WWF of forum boards is how someone referred to it. When I pulled out, I certainly did not intend to bring any of that mentality over here with me so I changed my handle and have been loving Cruisemates ever since. Never went back -- not even for a glance. This is a smaller board and therefore, it is easier to keep track of the threads that are of interest. Plus newbies are embraced here and welcomed. No question is too repetitive or "dumb" to be answered respectfully and cheerfully. Never a word of ridicule. Never any flaming. Just nice and mellow.

Therefore, Cruzin' Suzin' has no existence on this board. IBCruzin' is in the house now. Ever hear the phrase "let the dead bury the dead"?

Happy cruzin'
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