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Default all means ask your Doctor for a note that says cruising is part of your "rehab"

I think you have bigger issues to worry about in terms of your cruise bathing warobe..Aren't you scheduled for a photo shoot for the upcoming Victoria Secret Nightshirt catalogue

BTW, Ken is absolutely correct about post operation recovery on a cruise..that's what I did after my spinal fusion operation and being in the hydrotherapy pool and spa treatments to bring the toxins out of my body enhanced my recovery by over 3 months..when I returned from the cruise my physical therapist was you should plan on doing a HAL Westerdam Dave Koz Smooth Jazz Cruise (because great music is theraputic also) and do the spa, eat healthy, listen to great music and visit St Thomas so you can try the specialty drinks my other post were talking about, and work on your tan for your upcoming V.S shoot

Heck Will volunteered to be your bodyguard around the pool to keep those young hard body men away from you
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