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Default Re: Regent Smoking Policy Change

Originally Posted by BJAA
It's fairly obvious this change is a 'done deal' and is not going to be reversed.

I'd just like to ask one question Mark.
What other way does Regent plan to notify their 'regular' clientele of this policy change?
There's many ways to give prior notice, other than message board postings... which very few will see.

It would be considerate, and the right thing to do, if they were to receive notice of such a change 'prior' to their boarding the ships.
BJAA, this notice has been posted on their website and letters sent to all the TAs. The non-smoking in cabins does not go into effect until late December; a full six months from when the announcement went out. No one is in penalty period; all can move to other cruise lines. I think they were considerate in giving so much advance notice.

Richard, my point was that your posts have gotten repetitive. As for the legal situation (of which you are an expert) any changes to SOLAS regarding smoking on balconies would impact all cruise lines equally. As for what can individual countries do; they can forbid ships to dock at their ports if they don't conform to any law that they want to pass.

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