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Originally Posted by sandi149
Originally Posted by CaptainEdwardJohnSmith
Lucky, let's help these guys build their numbers up............Spread out the word Gorgeous

You too Sandi, sweetie

Carolin, I apologize if I confused you with my previous post, Sunshine.
So you are indeed ready for your next cruise eh? We don't have anything planned, we usually just book and go, mostly within a matter of days.....

Ya around Bruisn Suzin? Cuz ya ned to go there too and get some guys/gals over here.

I'm doing my part next week, so, Sandi, make sure youare around

Morning Captain.

How are you today? What are you doing next week that I have to be around for?
Stick around and find out for yourself, sweetie!
Good Morning to you too, Sandi
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