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Default Re: Permission to board Capt?

Originally Posted by kbd627
Originally Posted by CaptainEdwardJohnSmith
I am Captain Edward John Smith, aka the Captain. I have been a member for a while but have not posted much. I come from the cc cruise forums and will attempt to bring over some friends from that site to join in here.
Without bragging, my strong points are mostly matters related to booking last-minute cruises at cheap prices, I am also good at things related to the Mexican Riviera. If I can help on these topics/subjects, please by all means ask and I will answer when I know the answer. Controversial subjects such as jeans in the dining room, smuggling booze etc....those
I usually shy away from. From time to time I try to inject some humor in my threads/posts so if I do "hijack" or throw a thread off-topic, I apologize for that in advance, it's all done in good fun!
Happy cruising everyone [/b]
For those of you that don't know the Capt. you will find him to be informative and charming. Although I haven't seen it here yet he loves to refer to himself in the third person. I find his posts to be informative and entertaining. So take advantage of his knowledge and experience (minus that Titantic "issue"). You will find him to be an assett here!!
Permission granted K!

thanks buddy, those are some kind words.
I did reply to your other post.

On of these days, I'll make you walk the plank!

Hang around K and come post often, fill in for THE Captain (there you go, you wanted to hear in in the 3rd person! ) this week, I might not be on much.
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