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Default Here Is Something To Talk About

I just received an e-mail from a new Cruisemates member, who asked the following question: (I have received permission to post without names)

What if I get on the ship, and find I don't like it, and feel to confined and closed in?

My answer to this question is that we have all felt this way as a newbie. Because in our minds, we cannot conceive of a large ship, we tend to picture something like a fishing boat.

It is true that some do not like cruising. I have met several on here, who went, came back, and have no desire to go again, but they are a very small group.

The best way to describe a cruise ship, is comparing it to a small city. There are out door areas, inside areas. Places where it is quiet, and places where you will find lots of people.

But, I want all of you to answer this question for the member. Use your own experiences, and help them to understand, that they are not alone in feeling this way.



P.S. If you have other questions, and don't feel like posting yet, send them to me, and I can do the same with your question. Hopefully soon, you will feel like posting yourself.
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