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I'm a major fan of transatlantics and repositioning cruises! :-)

My first cruises were in 82 and 83, eastern and then western caribbean.
I knew I loved being onboard a ship but after the 7 day cruises I knew I wanted more days at sea.

In 1984, I sailed the ssNorway from England to Miami and again in 1996 the other direction, Miami up to New York and then across to France.

I've also done the Tahiti to Hawaii cruise. which involved crossing the equator. My first Hawaii to Vancouver involved sea days on the original Love Boat, you had to like sea days on such a small ship.

I've sailed from Los Angles up to Alaska and then back to Vancouver, which was a great repositioning cruise.

I took a Panama Canal cruise that was 14 nights and only 5 ports. I thought it was great, alot of people were unhappy as the ship was small.

I'd take sea days and repositioning cruises any day over sailing in and out of the same port.
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