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Originally Posted by craigm1975
I worked for Starboard for over 2 years on Holland America and i had a great time but be prepared to work your butt off.
I guess the hours you work depend on what cruise line you are on but the sea days are the longest days..

On the sea days you will be working from 8.45am until around 11.30pm if not longer depending on the shop manager.
You will get a lunch break of about 30/45 mins and a dinner break in the evening for about 1 to 2 hrs where you have to get your dinner,get some rest, and change into your evening/formal uniform for the night ahead.

your day will be serving customers,replenishing the stock,folding t-shirts if you're lucky!!! and cleaning. Preparing the next day prmotions which means getting tables ready with stock that are on special the next day.

When in port the shops are shut so you can go ashore unless you have port manning duties which is when you have to stay on board, this will be shared with the team so everyone gets a chance to get off and go ashore.

On disembarkation days be prepared for STORES.. this means the delivery of stock which means you check off all the stock, fill the shops and fill the lockers.. usually a nightmare and no rest at all..

The money is basic and commission is split between all depending on how much money the shops made that cruise. If the shops beat target then that is good but be prepared for deductions of your bar bill as i gaurantee you will become an alcoholic while onboard

Anyways go and have fun, work ya butt off and enjoy.

This brings back memories!!
But no one has mentioned the wipe down nights the last night of the cruise! That also varies depending on your ship and ship manager.

On Holland America we would spend about 1-2 hours cleaning, folding, steaming, cleaning the brass, fixtures and so on.
On Carnival and Royal, it was a lot easier and a bit of a joke compared to Holland, would take no longer than 30mins-1hour.
The last day is the longest, you start at 9am and don't finish until anywhere from 11-12:30am on the busiest day, then have to get up the next day at between 6-7 to get stores on!!
That I don't miss, all the other stuff I do!
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