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Default Re: Question About Cruise Photos Taken - Advice Please!

Originally Posted by SpunkyRN
I hear that their are people on the ships who take pictures all the time and that these are available for purchase. I am going with my husband and 5 children on a seven day cruise on the Mariner. I am hoping to come away with a great family PIC or two or three. Any advice regarding photos?
I'm gonna give you the same advice as CruzNut. Take your own. Yes, you may wish to let the ship's photographer take a photo of your family all dressed up on a formal night, but that's about the only pic I would buy from the ship's photo department ... and only then if that pic turned out perfect.

The ship makes a mint off of photos. They will charge you an arm and a leg for each one. I can't speak for the cruise line you are going on, but on HAL some of those formal night pics were $22 ... and even more!

For my money, I would very sparingly purchase photos on the ship. Rather, I would put that money toward a reasonably priced digital camera and a generously sized memory card. Then I would take plenty of pics onboard the ship ... and select the best ones for printing.

Just my humble opinion ... but there are a heck of a lot better things you can do with your money on a cruise ... other than making the onboard photo department rich.

Blue skies ...

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