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Originally Posted by graylady
My question was "Am I disabled?". I have a problem walking any distances because of the being on oxygen. I would never want to take a disabled cabin from a wheelchair person, but I have also read that many times these cabins are given at the last minute to totally non-disabled persons and my thought is I wouldn't mind being closer to the elevators etc. I do not feel that it is my right by any means, I was just trying to get other peoples opinions. But I will enjoy my cruise no matter where I end up, just take slower steps and try to breathe deeply.
"Disabled" is a word that is so broadly defined as to have little practical meaning without specific descriptions. You may indeed have a disability. It sure sounds like it to me. You have described breathing problems which are very limiting. You might wish to look at a deck plan for the ship you want to cruise on. See where the staterooms are located in relation to things such as elevators, places you intend to frequent, etc. Frequently, the rooms which offer barrier-free mobility access are not located in places you would find easy to walk to and from. You might find that a standard stateroom is closer for you and easier for you and an easier walk.

Also, it looks like you booked a Guarantee room. If you require a specific room assignment, you should reserve the specific room you need. Yes, it would probably cost more to book the specific room rather than the guarantee.
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