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Default Re: Prescription For A Cruise

Originally Posted by venice
Over the next two weeks I go for both of my annual with my cardiologist and one with my orthopedic surgeon..I have phsycial therapy once a year which I have managed to convince my ortho doctor should be done on a cruise ship with a hydrotherapy pool which he gladly agrees

It caused me to think about what ailments a doctor could write a prescription for (just for fun of course)

I'll start

one week at the spa for my aching back

other suggestions ??
I have had several months of breathing problems beginning in February this year and still continuing, but improved. I explained to my doc that I did seem to breathe a little better while on our Grand Med cruise in May. He said that maybe the nice open salt/sea air did me some good. Of course, I immediately asked him to write me a prescription that I could send to BCBS to see if they would pay for me to take another cruise immediately!
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