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Okay, ya'll are freaking me out here!! We are going on our 4th cruise in October and this will be the first inside room for us. When we booked, we got a great deal... $409 for a 7 nighter on the Triumph. Balconys were $609 (and would have gotten a past guest upgrade to any deck!) But, now an 8A is $929 so it's just too expensive for us to switch.

We wanted to do a balcony for this cruise, but we were going with another couple (who have since cancelled on us) and all they could afford was an inside room. I just didn't feel right about booking a balcony while they were on an inside. I know, I know...that's silly, but they are family (my sister and her dh) and just didn't want to one-up them cause it seems like it happens so often. So dh decided we would just get a room right next to them. the time they cancelled, the balconies were sky high and I just refuse to pay that price when I could have originally got it for $609.

So basically we are in a 4D and I'm freaking out. My dd, age 6, turned the light off on me and shut the door when I was in my walk in closet. I thought..this is how it's gonna feel...and I ran out as fast as I can. It was claustophobia at its kidding. So I have been really stressing!! OMG you all...I hope I don't feel that way in the stateroom!! Thanks for listening to me rant,
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