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I went with a roomie and it was her first cruise so she insisted on either a balcony or a OV. She said she wanted to see out no matter what, so thats what we did.

I have meet folks on a cruise who decided to never cruise again, they hated everything. The water wasnt good, the food was horrible, the ship rocked and made them sick, there just wasnt anything good they liked. I felt bad but nothing I could say would change their minds.

I have a friend who is scared of water and wouldnt even consider getting into water or swimming. She says the thought of all that water around her without being able to walk to land terrifies her. I have tried and tried, but she seems to be another I cant talk into cruising.

I think its a terrific bargain, and glad we can choose to cruise. We did a 5 night first to make sure cruising was for us though.
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