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Default Re: Number of suitcases


Originally Posted by You
Never been on a 7 day before. Any help with a packing list would be appreciated.

Try as I might, I cannot get my husband to even think about packing, so I will think about me.
There's a packing list for a fourteen night cruise in the first post of [url=]this thread[/i] on the "Cruise Dress and Packing" board. If you cut all of the quantities in half, rounding all fractions up, and make the adjustments suggested in that post, it should be about right.

I pack all of the whole list for men in a "pilot's case" (22" roller back) and a "two suiter" (26" roller back) with room to spare, and I'm well within the standard luggage allowance of the major airlines. I think that the list for women will fit in about the same capacity. With half the quantity, you should have no problem fitting everything into two bags each.

Have a great cruise!

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