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Default Re: Packing for Mediterranean Cruise

Jackie Robison,

Originally Posted by You
My husband and I will be traveling on the Carnival Freedom on May 22, 2008. Can someone tel me what kind of clothes to wear as I hear the weather can be kind of tricky at that time. Also, I understand that the wearing of shorts is somewhat frowned upon by europeans. If not, can you get away with wearing bermuda shorts or should women wear skirts? Can somewhat tell me what is the deal on clothing during that time of year?
The packing lists in the first post in the "Packing Made Simple" thread are a good starting point. Make the adjustments suggested in that post based on the length of your cruise, the number of "formal" and "informal" evenings, the number of nights of any precruise or postcruise stay, and the other considerations discussed therein.

European standards of dress really are more conservative than those of North America. Most European palaces and houses of worship -- included on shore excursions in most ports of call because they have significant art and architecture -- require clothing to cover the shoulders, the knees, and everything in between. Thus, shorts are not acceptable at all and skirts need to extend below the knee. Catholic houses of worship also require women to cover the tops of their heads (either a hat or a kerchief is satisfactory) while inside. Enforcement of these dress codes is quite strict in the Mediterranean countries, where the weather tends to be warm even in May. Practically speaking, you'll wear shorts only when you are at sea during the daytime daytime on a European cruise, so two or three pairs will be plenty.

The end of May is a fantastic time of year to visit Europe. Have a great cruise!

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