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Default Re: What Kind of Cruise Information do you Seek Online?

Originally Posted by Paul Motter
What information do you find it hardest to find when planning a cruise.
Information about ports and reviews for different excursions.

Originally Posted by Paul Motter
First-time cruisers - what questions have you had the hardest time getting answers for? Or perhaps you got answers but they didn't fill in that gap of knowledge you really needed, if you get my drift.
When it was my first cruise I think what took the longest time to get my head around was what a day on a ship was like because so much happens

Originally Posted by Paul Motter
What is the hardest piece of qualitative or quantitative piece of infoormation about a cruise you have ever needed to find, or on a continuing basis, need to find out?
That would have to be past price history for airfare and cruises, so you know statistically when might be the best time to book for a specific cruise.

Originally Posted by Paul Motter
If you could ask CruiseMates to write any article, what would it be?
Ok maybe this isn't exactly an article but I would love to see something about each port. So that it is one stop shopping for a good starting place about a port. I would love for it to be well organized so its easy to find the info about the specific port of call you are looking for. Also would love for it to be updated regularly. In the article for each port I would love too see

1.) best sites to visit for site seeing
2.) best places to eat
3.) little known but amazing places that are a must visit
4.) what the people/environment is like (safe, friendly, etc)
5.) information about different water and non-water activities to do
6.) relevant pictures of the port

Truthfully some of this info is buried in the forums. Its hard to search through so many posts and find what you need. With so many replies on some threads sorting though it all takes A LOT of time and the information gets buried.
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