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Default Re: Hoping the inagural goes well...


Originally Posted by You
I'm booked on the 2 nighter out of Miami to CocoCay. Doing this just to get a feel for the 'differences' of Azamara and X. We enjoy and are so used to the more formal feeling of X, we thought we'd do a little appetizer to try out anytime dining and open seating as well as Country Club casual as a dress code. ( this scares me a bit as even X can keep people up to the minumun dress codes standards, so I suspect a lot of plain old Casual ).
Traditional social etiquette does not recognize adjectives modifying "casual" and a lot of people still have not mastered the subtleties. In fact, the cruise lines are not using such terminology in a consistent manner. By way of example, Royal Caribbean's explanation of "smart casual" seems to include a jacket whereas Princess's explanation of "smart casual" is exactly the same as its explanation of "casual" evening attire before the change in terminology. Such inconsistency causes more confusion.

So would anybody care to expound on perceived differences between such standards of dress as "resort casual" and "business casual" and "country club casual" and "smart casual" and any other modified "casual" that might be out there?

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