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I find it difficult to find info about embarkation and disembarkation details ie. How far is the port from the airport/train station/accomodation (Europe) ? What is the best way to get there? How long does it take? How much does it cost?
both excellent topics. These would both make good articles.

For the above, you are right, it varies by port. And it is hard to get good information because so many rely on ship transfers. I am going to make a point of remembering these things.

The other detail that has really confused me is time travel in the Caribbean. I have booked some independent shore cruises and never know whether the port is on ship's time, or local time, or if there is any difference. Different lines seem to handle this differently.
In the West Caribbean you are completely right, you have to ask the ship in each port if they are changing to local time or staying on Ship (Miami) time. The fact is Jamaica, Cozumel & Grand Cayman local time is an hour earlier. So you need to keep your watch on whatever your ship uses for "ship time" and be sure you know when it is going to leave. Then, wherever you go in port rely on your own watch. If you need to set up a time with a local, verify he is refering to local (Central) time and not trying to "help" you by giving you ship time when you don't know it.
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