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As a first time cruizer here's what I had trouble finding when I first started looking on the boards..

1. Tipping for room service on ships with the 10.00 a day auto tip
2. What ports used tenders, and which ones you could just walk off the ship.
3. If you did not attend the formal night in your traditional dining arrangements, what were you to wear if you went to the casino or a show after dinner on those nights.
4. Haven't seen a lot about the specifics of the games - bingo, trivia, what cards games are played and how you get involved.

Now, that I've been on awhile... I've found plenty of information about the tipping room service one.

I stumbled on to those one night and read everyone of them, before realizing it was about 2:00 am and I should be asleep

Any articles that are written with a good sense of humor, are the best
I'd enjoy an article on playing in the casino experiences, special celebrations on board, people's first cruise experience vs. their 10th one, etc... what they've learned, what's changed, etc.

I learned so much searching for my answers....and discovered I then had more questions.... it was a good way to learn this website and the boards.
So no complaints from me!
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