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I of course have a traveling mate, so I don't qualify, but I was helping a lady on the Carnival board, about a year ago.

She wanted to cruise so bad, but was newly divorced, and was going to be traveling alone.

I directed her to the singles section of cruisemates, and she found a, , man, who also was traveling alone.

They agreed to go together. She and I exchanged e-mails, and then phone numbers. She was so worried about being in a cabin with a stranger.

One minute she was ready to cancel, and the next ready to go.

Well, she went with all these rules, for him to abide by. 1. (No one had to feel like they had to spend time with the other.) 2. They split the expenses down the middle. 3. ( She had complete privacy, including time alone in the room, to get dressed.) They even came up with a plan to string a blanket across the room for more privacy.

She called me a couple of weeks ago. They married over the 4 of July holiday, on a cruise ship. Now she has what I hope will be a long term traveling companion.
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