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Default Cabin choice-reason behind your choice

I am curious, why do you choose the category cabin you choose.

Do you want to get the best deal possible and go for the cheapest cabin?

Do you not care about price?

Do you want the biggest bang for your buck, but still want a balcony cabin?

Personally, I spend a fair bit of time in the cabin and choose a balcony because I have a place I can go sit and just relax with no one else around me (on my balcony). I tend to be a bit pooped out after a long day shopping or on a tour, so I tend to spend a good hour in the cabin when I get back on board. I also like to sift through what I bought and check everyhting out--I tend to be a wee impulsive when shopping. I also can't just jump in bed and go to sleep, I need to relax for a bit otherwise my mind races with whatever is on my mind and I can't sleep.

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