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Boy, great minds think alike. I just did my first cruise and we had a suite for that one. But it was expensive and probably not worth it. I will tell you what is important to me. I have to have quite to sleep so that is a factor. Hopefully a deck with few kids racing up and down the hall. I'm like you in that I need to sit and relax. My mind also races and I have a hard time sleeping if I can not decompress. I loved the mornings on our balcony drinking coffee and reading, listening to the ocean. We also took a nap in the afternoon so we probably used our cabin more that some do. I need a nice plan to retreat so that is more of a factor than price. I have three weeks vacation and told hubby that one week is mine and right now cruising is the thing for me. Then he can choose the next one. Anxious to hear others views on this .
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