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Default okay here it is. MY REVIEW.

Okay, well I'll just start by saying this cruise was great, but it was nowhere near as amazing as last years cruise. but still I met sweet kids and it was a lot of fun.


Day 1: Miami, leaving.
Well I decided I wasnt going to bed before we left, so I ended up talking to my boyfriend on the phone until like 4 am when I had to leave. We picked up Mia (my bestfriend/neighbor/cruise buddy) and we drove to my aunts moms house. We met my aunt Cindy and Lisa (my moms friend) up there and we got in Lisas van and drove to the airport. Everything in cleveland went really well, really fast too. We ate at the airport because we were all starving. Then boarded the plane. The plane ride was pretty long. and Mia and me were so tired, we both stayed up the whole night.
But we got to Miami and had to sit there for like a half hour and wait for our luggage, but we finally got it all and headed for the bus to take us to the port. We in line to get our sail and sign cards and all that stuff. and this old like 85 year old lady who had a really funny new york accent started yelling at her husband who was going through security. and she screams "SHUT YA FUCKIN' MOUTH" and everyone just started staring at her. so Lisa is like no you shut yo fuckin mouth in the same voice. then my mom thought the lady was yelling at my mom to go into a certain line and it was just freaking hilarous. So the whole cruise we were all saying shut ya fuckin mouth like the old lady did. and we kept talking in the voice of the girl from friends who goes "OHH MYYY GODDDD" which was really fun. but anyway, we were some of the first people on the ship and we were eating on the lido deck by noon. we couldnt get to our rooms until 1:30 so we just kinda walked around looking for people to talk to. and we couldnt really find anyone. Then we decided since we couldnt find anything to do or anyone to really talk to, we went to our cabin and took a nap until the lifeboat drill. I know we are retarded but we were so tired. haha. So we did the drill and then went back up to the lido and just laid out for a while, and went to the sail away party which was fun. then we went back to our room and started to get ready for dinner. Our Waitress was kinda boring but we made up for that. and the people who sat with us were kinda boring too. and they kinda freaked mia and me out because they all looked like this kid that we both dated which was strange. After dinner we went and took some pictures then went to Club o2.
There were soo many Ghetto kids there, and a lot of them were cool but I didnt talk to most of them, but a kid louis came over to me and introduced himself and then we met 2 other kids named cory and evan.
I danced with louis on the first night and mia danced with this kid that I just called braids cuz he had braids haha. we went to bed at like 2 that night since we were really tired and had to get up early for keywest the next day.
Ohhhh and Mia and me decided to race to our cabin this day, and I hurt my knee but it wasnt bad at all just like ouch, so I just walked it off...

Day 2: KeyWest.
Well we got up and had breakfast on the lido. Then we went down and got off the ship and sat outside for like 20 minutes waiting for this beach break guy to come and pick us up. well he finally got there and we went to the beach. Total waste of 50 bucks. we just went to a beach, we got a T-shirt though. and 2 Pops (sodas) and a beach chair, whoo hoo. then we were like okay lets go shopping so there ended up being only 1 van to take us into the town...and 2 vans full of people had to fit in one van. it was pretty funny. but then we went around and shopped and found this funny store that sold all these shirts and thongs that said "it aint gunna lick itself" or "your face here" Etc. so then we were walking around and my aunt wanted to go buy these jeans she saw some sales lady have on. so we were far behind my mom and aunt and lisa, so mia and me went and started to run and as soon as I took like 3 steps I freaked out and my knee started to hurt soo bad. I wanted to cry, it was bad. So after that point my leg was screwed up and hurt all the freaking time which sucked, espically at the club. but i just sucked it up and kept dancing. and now it still hurts really bad and I have to go to the doctor to see what I did to it. ANYWAY....we were getting ready to go back on the trolly that takes you back to the ship and we were in a store, and this kid who looked like he was 12 who was staring and me the night before in the club was staring at me again. so I was taking a picture of my boyfriends name because I couldnt find any keychains that said his name, they were all gone. and the kid comes over and asks "are you taking a picture of your name" and I say "No, im taking a picture of my boyfriends name" and he was just like uhh. ohh. and walked away. (this kids name was josh)
it was pretty funny because that night I ended up going over and talking to his friend (Nick) cuz he was really cute. this is who we ended up hanging out with the whole cruise. Nick and his cousin Peter and sometimes josh and his brother and this kid cody.
so I danced with peter who was really cute, but i felt like a pedifile cuz he was only 14, but he looked older and acted older so it was cool. nick was 17 and he liked mia, so me and him were always like yeah we are best friends. we danced pretty late then got hungry and went to get pizza with the boys. and then met up with louis and cory and evan too.
Oh and this was formal night and at dinner we met some of my moms new 21- 25 year old friends, and one of them, Fransisco, was so drunk he asked me if he could marry my mom. it was so funny, and he sent over 2 shots, one for me and one for my mom. haha.
we went to bed around 3.

Day 3: Mexico.
We woke up around like 9:30/10ish. and then we went up to the lido, ate breakfast. and watched the ship pull into mexico. we went to get off the ship and the line was taking forever, they only had 1 door open for the whole ship, it was crazy. but we finally got off then went onto the bus to Xcaret. we got to Xcaret, and it was kinda cool. but then we kept walking around we were like this is gay as ****. it was like a zoo with an ocean.
so we left and went to playa del carmen. we ate at senior frogs and went to the beach. and the waves were huge and it was really intense. then we were laying there and some guys from israel came over and asked us to watch their stuff. then they started playing soccer with some mexican kids and then asked us to play too. I could only play for like 3 minutes and my knee hurt soo bad I had to stop. So I sat out and Mia played with the rest of them for a while. Then we went shopping and I bought tons of stuff. I love shopping there because everything is so cheap. I got a hoodie that I am in Love with, and it was only $20 its amazing. Then we decided it was getting late and we had to start going back to the ship, we caught a cab and went back. We shopped a little more right outside the ship, then got on and started to get ready to go to the club. We missed dinner that night so we just ate in the buffett. We were taking pictures and then Nick and Cody saw us so they came up to us and told us that Peter pressed the emergency button on the elevator and some security guy came and peter freaked out and started running, so we tried to go find him and it took forever. But we finally went to club o2 and he was standing there, so we all started dancing. and it kinda sucked cuz no one was really dancing. Ashley (the teen director) started yelling, "I dont care how drunk or hungover you all are from mexico, get your ass on the dance floor" it was really funny. So we danced for a little bit more, and then we decided to go get some food. so we got ice cream and pizza and chilled out on the deck for a while. then we went back to our room with the boys. we were just messing around just having fun. then the ship started rocking really badly. and i started to get a headache, so i went over to my moms room and asked her for some advil, my aunt gave me some and they were like dont drink our sink water, its rusty, and they were like really trying to push us out of the room. Later I found out that there was one of the 21 year olds hiding their bathroom and he was like naked cuz he wanted my aunt to steam his pants, so he just took them off and handed them to her. haha. Mia, Me, Nick, and Peter all ended up falling asleep in our room watching a movie. They woke up around 3 and were like omg we need to leave.

Day 4: Day at Sea.
So we woke up later the next day. Got up went to breakfast. and Laid out for about 2 or 3 hours. then went and found Peter and Nick and Cody. We went to see them play basketball for a little bit and went to club o2 to just chill. then we went back to our room cuz there was nothing to do, and we ended up opening the door on mia when she was in the shower...and video taping it. She took the shower head and sprayed me with it and screwed my camera up for a few hours but it was fine by dinner time. So we got ready took some pictures and went to our last dinner. They sang the goodbye song. and Lisa started crying which was werid because she said that she would never go on a cruise again, she didnt like it at all?! Then we went to take pictures and then to club o2. We danced forever, it was amazing. My knee was killing me but I just kept going. Then everyone started getting service on their phones and mine was in the room so i wanted to go get it and listen to my messages I had. So we went and did that. Then when we came back up to go to club o2 everyone was standing around the atrium cheering and screaming, this was at like 3 or 4 am. Club o2 was closed, but that wasnt stopping any of us, we were having a fashion show, all the guys would walk down the atrium stairs and we would all stand there and cheer. Finally security came and we all ran, I was talking to my mom in the casino and all the kids were like lets go to the adult club so we did that but there was no way the cop was letting any of us in there. so Mia, Me, Nick, and Peter went back to our room and ordered room service. and I kept saying we cant fall asleep, we cant fall asleep, and I was the first one out. haha. The boys slept in our room that night.

Day 5: Miami, Going "home"
We woke up at like 6 am. and went to the lido deck, way in the back of the Coconut Groove and ate breakfast and watched the sunrise. it was really pretty and sad because it ment we were leaving. =[ We went to go buy our pictures and to finally say goodbye to everyone. and we got inline to leave and everything went really smoothly. we got to the airport, got on our plane and headed to Chicago where we needed to switch planes. Well Mia and Me fell asleep the whole way there, and when I finally woke up the captain came on and said we had to land in Indiana because we were low on gas and it was too windy in chicago to land. So we finally got to chicago and we ended up missing our flight to cleveland. So we ened up having to stay a night in Chicago...which non of us really were disapointed. We were actually pretty excited. So we got a hotel from the airport and we went there got ready and went into the city. I loved it there. it was great, kinda a mix between Cleveland and New York but really nice, and pretty and clean. We went and got dinner and it was great, I cant remember where we ate, I just know the food was amazing. We were all really tired so we went back to the hotel and fell asleep.

Day 6: really going home.
We woke up and got ready to leave the hotel. and we were a little late in doing that. and we didnt know there was gunna be really long lines everywhere in the airport. so we were like running through the whole thing, trying not to miss our plane, again. but we finally got to our gate, which was all the way at the end. and we sat there for about a half hour because they were trying to fix one of the bathrooms on the plane. We finally got on the plane, andit was only about an hour ride and we were finally home.

All in all it was a great vacation. I met great kids, and had a great time. It just wasnt the same as last year. Like Bri said I just didnt click with the kids as much as last year. It was great, it just wasnt amazing. But the sad thing is my mom said this is probably our last cruise, she decided she doesnt really like them that much. =[
so we will probably just end up going to a resort or something next year, which sucks but will still be fun. I might actually try to go to europe with mia next summer though.
But Mia and me decided that we are going on a cruise ourselves during our spring breaks when we are in college.



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