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Default Gay cruise staff & entertainers

OK, I anticipate getting flamed for asking this question, but here goes. My company specializes in booking small groups of gay men aboard the "mainstream" cruise lines. Our clients specifically avoid the all-gay charters because they're not the party-and-hook-up types. (As I like to say, we travel for the scenery rather than "The Scene.")

So here's the question: How would I go about finding ships with openly gay cruise directors, staff, etc? Most of our guys have cruised many times, they've been there/done that, seen it all. With all their "amateur" cruising experience, they'd really enjoy meeting up for a drink with people who do this for a living--swap stories with cruise staff, talk about the show with a dancer, etc.

Am I being naive to think that staff would actually WANT to hang out at the bar with some "cones" for a night or two? I have a couple of buddies who were dancers and they said they always enjoyed chatting up other FOD, but maybe they were the exception.

I tend to book our groups most often on Princess & NCL for a variety of reasons, but I'd actually defect to other lines if I could find staff that I could count on to really make a cruise memorable. Any input would be much appreciated.
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