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There are two sides to every story. We have only read what IBC had to say about her negative experience. What I have learned from posters on the VTG message board for her cruise was that there was a woman causing problems on the message board. I think it was that woman that caused the whole problem on their VTG message board. Dixie the manager of VTG just sent a public statement to all of them to behave or they would be banned from the message board. IBC thought the message was sent to her personally. When Dixie wants to tell someone specifically something she will send a private message to them. If IBC was sent a private message then that is different. She can't say that the public message was MEANT FOR HER BECAUSE IT WASN'T. It was meant for all the catty gals on the message board.
We don't really know the true story. We don't have all the evidence like in a trial case. So it is really hard to say what really happened. If IBC felt she was being discriminated against then that was her real experience. But we can't judge VTG without knowing their side of the story. We will never know because they have to be careful of getting into a lawsuit.
It is really hard for African-Americans to get envolved in this situation since they don't know the two sides of the story.
All we can do is say we are sorry for IBC's negative experience.
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