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Thanks for your input, sz. Just to clarify, we're nothing like Atlantis/RSVP. The guys who sail with us do so specifically because they don't want an all-gay charter. They don't live in the gay ghetto, and they don't want to vacation there either. They enjoy meeting people from all walks of life--in fact, they believe that's what travel is all about.

Having said that, however, any LGBT traveler will tell you that it's always nice to run into other "family members" while on a trip. Would I walk into a hotel and go, "Where my gays at?" (to quote Kathy Griffin). No. But if I got the vibe from the guy behind the desk, I'd certainly chat him up, get restaurant recommendations, find out about local life, etc. I do that all the time, in fact.

I guess what I'm hoping to do is just to schedule such serendipitous moments on our cruises. I know our guys would love to talk to staffers who share some of the same life experiences but also have a totally different, insider perspective on cruise travel.

Since we typically block our group cabins 6 to 8 months in advance, you're probably right that we couldn't guarantee a favorite cruise director would be onboard. But even at 2 months out, if I knew a couple of cool guys would be onboard, it would be fun to invite them for a drink or a beach excursion or whatever.

Maybe too much to expect. Maybe you just can't force serendipity
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