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Default Whale Watch

I'd stay away from the Pacific Whale Foundation. Oddly enough, two of the dozen times we've been out, we've noticed some unsafe behavior from them. One of those times, they pulled up right in front of our boat to see the whales. They came in full speed right up to the whales. They clearly were not observing the laws of how close you can be to a whale with your boat running. They've also struck and killed a couple whales this last year.

Stick to the lesser known mellower boats. You'll see whales, without question. I usually go on the Quicksilver because of the price, and the roomy boat. I hate being cramped on a small boat. I also have been on a Maui Ocean Rafting tour that was unreal! It's small, yes, but a small group and you're close to the water. We were forced to stop our motors because the whales came to us!! It was incredible. We were only 5-10 feet from a baby humpback.
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