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Originally Posted by Gypsyfish
Does anyone know where they DON'T have a children's menu? We can get my granddaughter to order interesting, nutritional food- UNLESS she sees the children's menu. Then we can't get her past the mac n'cheese and chicken tenders. Why can't anyone put more interesting things on the kids menu?
That’s a great practice and I commend you on it. (im not getting on anyone else just commending her) Getting kids to try new foods is hard but worthwhile endeavor in my opinion. You open them up to a lot of new ideas and cultures. Sadly the adult menu is often many times healthier than the child’s menu. (It seems like it should be the opposite) I am amazed that "kids" menus always included fattening greasy fried foods or things loaded in preservatives and sugar. Building better eating skills as a child will help you throughout your life.
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