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We choose balconies. We are older and spend a little more time in our room than we used to do. We enjoy the ocean view without all the people noise. My wife sits on the balcony to dry her hair. I sit on the balcony to drink my scotch. In any case, the balcony gets good use.

For Eastern cruise in the Atlantic, we select a balcony room mid ship, near stairs, as low as we can get. Not to save money, but the ship’s movement is less closer to the center. For Western cruise in the Caribbean, we select a balcony room mid ship, near stairs, as high as we can get or on the stern looking backwards. The Caribbean is usually gentler and the evening skies are usually clear. Closer to heaven the better!

For Pacific crossings we are selecting a balcony room as low as we can get. We have been told that the Pacific Ocean is always nasty going from west to east. We will soon find out.

I hope that this is helpful.

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