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Default Re: 7? 10? How Many?

Interesting - I've done 1 day cruises and 3 day cruises and have no trouble decompressing. The memories of the 1 day cruises are as vivid as the longer cruises. Maybe it is a diver thing, since we make the most of life in the hour it takes us to consume a tank of air. A 1 day cruise is a virtual 24 tank dive trip. 8)

Originally Posted by kryos
Originally Posted by sail7seas
How many days is your ideal? If money and time were no object, how many days would you make most of your cruises?
To me, a seven or ten day cruise is nowhere near long enough. By the time you've decompressed from your "real" life, and gotten into the rhythm of shipboard life, it's time to pack up for disembarkation. It almost seems to me to be not worth it to take a shorter cruise.
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