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The lovely Mrs. Jones (Vita) and I considered exactly what you're talking about, and did indeed buy a used 32' class A motorhome. We used it some, but it just wasn't the lifestyle for us. As a result, we sold it, with a little loss of funds, but not much. We did move from our BIG home with the attached pool and spa etc, etc, etc, to a little home on 2 acres in the country, where we can do exactly what we want, with no problems, and where our expenses are about 1/4th what they were before. We love it out here, and we'll probably be here for the rest of our days.
Give renting an RV a shot first, then if you like it, go for it! Buy the home away from the big city,,,downgrade your expenses, and get away from the rush rush lifestyle. You'll enjoy life, and live lots longer.

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