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I know that down here in Arizona we see a lot of RVers, even in the hot heat of summer Yuma is still full of them, and then in winter entire cities of them appear where there was nothing before. Every RVer knows Quartzsite AZ, where in winter it has 50,000 residences (or something lie that) and in summer just a few hundred. We see that it is very easy to rent one and try it out, but as Ray said, having the campgound memberships, etc, probably make it a lot easier.

The problem with renting is you won't have your second car to get around, unless you can arranhe to tow one (I guess that is how it works). Plus there are some grea campground locations, but you probably have to get reservations a year in advance.

In any case, I know some people try it and love it, and others don't. I think I would like it for a few years, but we also jave a small home already buily 2 miles from the beach in near San Diego to move to when I hit 55 in 3 years, so we have something planned already.

Too bad the Real Estate market slumped and gas skyrocketted. Three years ago would have been the perfect time to sell the house, but and RV, and spend a year on the road. Then come back to a buyers market in real estate and find something smaller.
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