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Originally Posted by Shiska
Originally Posted by fitzla
Originally Posted by subtropic
I cruised the Freedom OTS this June and it does go to Ocho Rios rather than Montego Bay (the Radiance stopped at Montego in Jan). These are the 2 best ships afloat for RCI in my opinion.
For the 1st year, Freedom went to Montego Bay. I was on her last October, and we went to Montego Bay. This show was filmed even before I was on her, and it went to Montego Bay on the show as well.
I was on the Freedon 10 June 07 it did not go to Montego Bay. It dose go
to Ocho Rios. Freedom is the best. 8)
Yes, I get that. But from June of '06 to may of '07, Freedom went to Montego Bay, and only did Western Caribbean. I was on her in October '06 and we went to MONTEGO BAY! And if you watch the show that this thread is about, you will see that she went to Montego Bay on that as well. So yes, for the 1st year, as I said in my earlier post, she went to Montego Bay.
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