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Mrs. Thomas and I are pursuing the same thing. As soon as we sell the business we own we will sell the house and buy the RV and hit the road. We've been planning this for over 3 years now. We've rented the RV's in the past to explore the lifestyle. My aunt and uncle have been full-timers for over 12 years and love it. Here are some considerations:

1) If you maintain a stick and brick home you will never be free. You'll always be tethered to it and long trips in the RV will be filled with worry that vandals, or squirrels, or leaky water lines, or fallen tree branches, etc. have imposed their will on your home.

2) The cost of maintaining a stick and brick and RV'ing will be high. You'll soon come to the conclusion the mortgage payments, insurance, utilities, lawn maintenance, repairs, etc. for a place you're only visiting is not prudent.

3) If you're full timing (or close to full timing) in the RV every additional foot of RV you get is valuable. You will have to conserve in areas you're not accustomed to conserving before. That is; space (you'll only keep the essentials for living), weight (get rid of the china and replace with plastic dishes, switch to a laptop instead of the desktop and monitor, flat screen TV's, etc.), noise (even blenders in a campground can be annoying to your neighbors)

Check out Lot's of good forums just like here.

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