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On the broadwalk of Atlantic City, most of the little shops sell the greatest sundresses at the unbelievable rate of 2 for $15. They are pretty basic cotton tent like dresses, one size fits everyone. What makes they great for a cruise is that they come in every imaginable "skettle" color. I have now accumulated 6 of these dresses in lime green, orange, purple, pink, navy, and red. They are so wonderful because they are very light weight, allows for cruise weight gain and wrinkled or ironed look good. The vibrancy of the color of the dress is what makes it look so tropical and vacation ready. Because they are tent like, they work wonderfully over a swimsuit on port days or with just the basic undies. They are just heavy enough so that with dark undies, you cannot see through them. I love them. Oh yeah, they wash well and do not run, shrink or fade.

For dining and evening, I have accumulated a collection of colorful, lightweight dresses. Many of my evening outfits are made of that shiny material that stretches that has been all the rage for the last few years. It is the wonder material because it won't wrinkle, looks good on everyone, washes well and, again, allows for cruise weight gain/water retention. I have at least 3 or 4 outfits in the lighter weight material of this type.

On my feet are usually t-strap flat sandals to match my sundress or evening wear.

Very basic choice of clothing. I keep the lines simple but make up for the simplicity by using vibrant, bright colors.

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