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Default AGEISM

I'm not sure what it is about some 'cruisers' that causes them to express such disdain for mature travelers. I travel an average amount but have yet to book passage on a cruiseline because of the negativism toward senior citizens. You don't hear comments like 'take the red eye and you'll avoid all those pesty seniors - they can't stay up that late' in the airline industry. It just seems that ocean going travelers prefer ships with a very young population who can party til 3 in the morning. Norm's comments about the average age of Holland America Lines being 80 is only ONE example, it isn't true and it is exaggerated for effect from an inherent attitude against mature citizens. My only hope is that folks like Norm actually get to be 80 and experience first hand his current attitude from those that are learning from him. Not recommending Holland America to anyone under sixty is an insult. Most seniors I know enjoy a wide range of ages and not all of us go to bed at 8pm. Have you seen any posts from seniors that criticize those that sleep in because they partied too hard the night before? We are happy for them because it makes the breakfast lines shorter for us when the restaurant opens. I would hope the differences between carriers would be focused on things other than simply discriminatory remarks about the age of their clientele. A well trained crew, regardless of their ethnicity or age, makes for a good experience for customers in all businesses. Freshness of food, variety of menus, presentation in the dining rooms, plus all the other ammenities available should be the most important criteria for evaluation in a fair world. At least I hope this is a fair world. Nicola Frank's questions were fair and deserved a quality response, not something sarcastic and partially false. Thanks to those of you that tried to give a fair evaluation from personal current experiences. Although each of us has a somewhat different take on experiences, because of our life long referents, a large group of responses does offer helpful information and a guideline of what someone might expect given similar circumstances. Happy sailing to all (even Norm).
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