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Default First Cruise for our Honeymoon on Celebrity Constellation..

I'm so confused as to packing for this cruise. We are going on an 11 night Celebrity cruise on Constellation in the end of November for our honeymoon. I took a look at Celebrity's website and it looks like everything is more formal that what we are used on a day to day basis. I have no problem dressing up, actually I love to dress up

I don't want to be overdressed or underdressed either. For the formal nights DH will wear his tux and I have a few formal dresses picked out, what I am more concerned about are the informal and casual nights. I know that there is a no jeans rule in the main dining room after 6pm, no problem. Casual nights should be bad, I'm thinking khakis and a nice shirt or a casual dress or skirt? What about "informal" nights for DH? He doesn't own a sports coat and never wears ties, what is the norm for these nights?

Any must have items we should pack? I would love to see a packing list if anyone has one. And what's the deal with duct tape?
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