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Good Morning,

A very grey day - very damp out, but not so hot, so I guess it is more pleasant than yesterday. Big storms came thru just to the south of us. DH made it home for about two hours of sleep in the early morning - then had to go again. I'm growing weary of his constant working.

Went to see "No Reservations" last night with niece and my sister. We will go see Hairspray on Tuesday.

Nothing planned today. Went to church, which tired me out, so I will drink my coffee now and try to figure out something to eat. I have lost another pound, so I guess it will have to be high calorie. I've so trained myself to not eat so many things, it is hard for me to allow myself to eat them now that I really need to. I haven't been this weight since probably 6th or 7th grade.

Hope you all have a good day,
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