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As a bit of an aside here, we have close to 80 nights on Regent, and are members of its Seven Seas Society (repeat cruisers). As such, I am always getting email and regular mail surveys from Regent, asking me about various changes I'd like to see, what ports I like, and the like. So apparently Regent does care about what we "regulars" think and want -- at least on some subjects. NEVER, however, did I receive a survey on what I thought the smoking restrictions should be. I don't think any other Regent frequent cruiser did, either. Instead, this was a decission made "from the top down" without suficient regard for what "regulars" might want. I won't belabor this matter further, except to say that, if asked, I would have proposed restrictions that would not have been more lenient on smoking, but would have been entirely different from those adopted -- from the standpoint of one who does not smoke.
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