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We didn't have the birthday decorations, but a few years ago our cabin was decorated with the "Bon Voyage" decorations. I am sure they are the same or similar. The cabin was decorated with streamers, banners, etc. There was a table decoration on the coffee table by the couch. In fact, there were decorations strung everywhere! All kinds of decorations were hanging from the ceiling! It was fun and festive. The casino manager had our cabin decorated, and also sent a fruit basket with candies and nuts which was great. We loved it. I have a picture of the cabin that I can email you if you are interested. Just pm me and I will try to find it tomorrow. We had taken the cruise to celebrate the birthday of one of our sons that was turning 18. He liked the decorations.

In fact, my parents went on a cruise last September, and our family had the same decorations ordered for their cabin. They loved it also. I think it is worth the $32 or whatever it is now.

On our cruise in April, my husband and I were celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary and I ordered the chocolate anniversary cake as a surprise. I believe it was delivered to our cabin before we left the port on the first day of the cruise. I just ordered online, and it seems like they asked what day and when you would want it delivered. It tasted good. I would order it again for a special occasion. You can also have it delivered to the dining room at dinner one night.

I think your daughter would love both the cabin decorations and the cake. It would be a nice birthday surprise. I hope she has a wonderful birthday cruise.

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