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One of my best online friends is trying to sell a house in a expensive area of Chicago. Its been on the market since the beginning of February with no luck. She is sooo upset. Her husband was in Chicago when the storm hit and folks were stuck for 4 hours where they couldnt get thru to where they were trying to drive out of the area.

Her husband just happened to have been there checking on the house with the storm hit, sounds awful. How is the real estate market there? She seems to think if they just keep waiting their turn to sell is due. Im thinking hard to sell an empty house, school starting and soon winter will hit if they dont sell it soon. She says they cant afford to reduce the price more...I say you cant afford not to if the market is dropping.

Im glad Im not in the Chicago area right now too. Im going to email her your utube Michelle if you dont mind. thanks.
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