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Default Re: Should I wear a shirt??

Originally Posted by nurseypoo5
Ok, now before the captian falls over in a fit of giggles, let me 'splain.

Like ive said i'm whiter than white. Sometimes i burn easily sometimes not so much. If you had no pigment cept freckles, would you just always keep a shirt on even while snorkling? I'm sure being in the actual water will make me burn. I have lots of sunscreen but you know if you swim for a while and use a towel your fair game soon after.

I dont want to ruin my week with a painful burn. I thought about tanning for the n ext week but it just seems hopeless at this point.

For the sake of the Captain's ticky ticker, please be careful how you title your threads. I think you are bent on giving me cardiac arrest and if that happens, it will be up to you to come give the Captain mouth to mouth
Captain's also volunteering to tag along and keep that sunscreen lotion flowing freely and generously applied where/as needed.......

Happy cruising sweetheart

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