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Hi cruiser gal, Guess what? I have cruised with a non-singles group of a group of people made up of couples, large familes and singles.
Cruise Critic is in the habit of organizing those groups. I have cruised with their group three times. My experience was that I had a lot of fun communicating on the message board and then we all met for ONE PARTY given to us from the cruiseline ship. We were all happy to finally meet. After the party is over I never saw the group again. I would run into some of the people from the group on the ship sometimes.

I have decided it is not worth my time to spend weeks talking about the plans for the cruise and then...... just for one party......hummm..... I don't think it is worth it.

What I can do in the future.... is just to sign in to meet up with the group on the ship and meet them at the ONE party to meet cruisers. Then go on my merry way on the ship.

Have you cruised with a Cruise Critic group?

Another time I cruised to Alaska with a Latino group out of Los Angeles. It was okay. We would only meet at dinner time. I made some friends with some of the single gals. One married gal's husband was ill on the ship so her and I went out together to see a port. It was nice.
One windy night when the winds were blowing really strong in the Alaskan inside passage I was dancing while the ship was rocking and rolling. A real handsome man asked me to dance and we danced the whole night together. Memorable experience.
On formal night I met a Canadian gentleman who loved to dance and we danced the whole night together. Another memorable experience. Humm.
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