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Originally Posted by 71Corvette
Hey All,

I've heard that if you book a cruise and sometime before your sail date the price goes down you are rebated the difference. Is this true (I'm planning to sail Royal Caribbean if it matters)?

...I'm a bit bummed at the moment. The cruise I was planning to book over the weekend for Feb 08 just went up $200 pp. Maybe I'll get lucky and the price will drop before the sail date (assuming I still book it).

Look on the bright side. If you would have waited you would be paying $200 more.

It is all a matter of supply and demand. If the cruise is selling well the price will go up. The closer it gets to the sailing date and if their are still unsold cabins, then there is a chance the prices may go down. Just remember the price reductions may not be on your cabin category and if you take advantage of the new offers you stand a VERY good chance of losing the cabin you booked. That is if you booked a "specific" cabin.

Watch the prices and if they go down call your agent or the cruise line (if you booked, directly, through them) and see if you can get the lower price.

Once final payment is made you are out of luck. Most offers are for "New Bookings Only". This may also be true for other offers, made before final payment, so watch the fine print.

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