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Hi Andrio, Maho Beach is one of my favorite places in the world. My wife and i go there on every cruise that stops in SXM. And in fact, I went there in April for 4 days with my brothers. If you are remotely interested in airplanes, it's pretty much a shrine. And don't miss Sunset Beach Bar at one end of the beach. Great cheeseburgers by the way. Go great with an Amstrel Bright (yes Bright, not light). Brewed in Curacao and only available in the Netherlands Antilles. Anyway, we have been taking cabs over there from the port for years. Then when I was down there to actually stay on the island in April, we came to find out theres a bus that runs from in front of the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort (other end of beach from Sunset Bar). It drops you off in town just a few blocks from the town pier in Philipsburg, where you can take the water taxi back over to the ship. And you can do it from the ship to the beach also. I think it's only about 1 or 2 bucks if I remember, way cheaper than the cab and kinda fun. Takes about 30 minutes. And it runs about every 15 minutes. You can ask in town where exactly to get it since the locals also use it to get around. I think, if I remember correctly. If you go straight up the street that runs out from the town pier, go about 3 blocks, you come to a cross street and it picks up there but ask a local to be sure.

The beach is great fun and the airplanes are a hoot. Of course, I'm a little predjudice as I work for an airline. My brothers shot about 600 pictures while we were there, and stood behind an MD-11 that was taking off. They said it wasn't the sand that hurt, it was the bits of sea shell. The beach recently underwent one of it's periodic washouts where most of the sand just washes away in a day or two. It usually fills in again and current photos show it has started to again. And there is still plenty of room to lay out. You can also rent chairs and umbrellas there. Use this link to see a recent picture:

The Sunset Beach Bar is just at the far end of the beach in this photo. Hope you get to see it. If you have any other questions, feel free to post them.

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