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I think it is really strange that many organized cruise groups from Cruise Critic have group leaders on the message board and they talk a lot about cruising but when we get on the ship it is only one party and then the togetherness is over. I guess it is okay if you have a cruise mate with you but if you don't..... you end up hanging out on your own.

I have tried to make friends with cruisers who are also cruising on the same cruise as I am cruising on in advance of the cruise. We meet up for just one time for lunch and then I never see them again. The reason being is that they have their own plans on the cruise and they are really very nice people but why would I want to hang out with cruisers who have made their own plans when I also want to make my own plans?

My advise to everybody is to not get sucked into joining an organized cruise group from a message board and think you will be spending the whole week of togetherness. The only way I can have fun is if a group leader who plans a cruise also plans some together activities for during the cruise days. I just thought of something else..... if the cruise organizers would also plan to dine together at dinner time at least they could spend some more time together.

I have organized a group of friends to go on week-end land trips to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and that was a lot of fun because we would hang out together every day and night. We would have a great time and lots of fond memories after the trips.

Planning a group cruise is super hard with my friends because most of them have never cruised before and just don't want to spend all that money for a one week cruise. They would rather use that money to buy something for their home like a new t.v.

This is why I am super glad that many travel agencies see the need to plan single group "hosted" activites. I can just cruise with a ready-made group of singles. I truly enjoy that because I like cruising with groups.

I am also presently learning how to cruise SOLO which I will be doing soon on the NCL Star ship cruising from Vancouver to Los Angeles. There are times when a hosted group is not available on a ship that I want to cruise on. I hope I learn to truly like cruising solo so I can cruise some more on ships that I truly want to cruise on. Angelgal
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