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Hi Brian

It's morning and I'm avoiding projects . . . so . .

Though I'm not either, I do know a little bit about the jobs and have friends that are both ;-)

Biggest difference is the the Evironmental Officer is part of the Marine Division, and the ones I've met have their schooling and experince from a maritime academy. Just went to the RCCL employment site to get:

"Serves as Environmental Specialist reporting to the Master with responsibility for oversight of company environmental policies, procedures, and systems onboard each ship for providing shipboard expertise to the shoreside Marine Operations and Safety and Environmental Departments to assist in the development of these policies and procedures. Serves as the shipboard subject matter expert on regulatory issues."

These guys and girls are on every time the ships docks, overseeing waste going off the ship, items being loaded on, ship getting fueled (bunkering), lots of paperwork and needing to know the rules and regulations inside out. Many marine meetings and constant inspections and follow ups. You wouldn't think it, but even keeping an eye on where and how paint, laundry or cleaning chemicals are used, stored, ordered, etc. They also usually hold training sessions for the crew on envirionmental issues. is another good description

IT officer:

- but I'm sure you already know what this job entails. the Systems gurus are part of the hotel division and there generally is 2 to 4 per ship depending on the size. Only one environmental officer per ship and another marine officer can double in this duty if needed (have seen this before) I think the salary mentioned in the above link for I/T is a bit high from what I've seen - but every cruise line is different. Do a search in this forum for Systems or I/T - there's been a few ex it people who've mentioned money.

Not going to swear to it, but I think the environmental job might start in the $3 to 4 k per month area?

Most marine jobs are 14 weeks on/14 off, where hotel officers work 4 months on/2 months off. Environmental is 3 stripe position, I/T can vary - I think 2 1/2 stripe is the highest . . . . this is where the perks come in as far as cabins/ranking/ etc. More stripes, bigger nicer cabin.

Like I mentioned earlier - the environmental officers I've know have come from a marine background - even the younger ones have done time on cargo ships/merchant marine before coming onto a cruise ship. Many of the older ones have done time in various countres Navys, or on oil rig platforms

Which job? Depends on where your passion lies. Lots of responsibilty to the safety and welfare and running of the ship in each position in their individual way.

Take a cruise and see if you can chat with each of these people. Come to think of it . . . there's a poster on this site named Kuki that came onto one of the ships I was on - pretty sure he took a tour of behind the scenes with an environmental officer (thinking Radiance of the Seas and Jennifer)

good luck!
sz . . .
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