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Hi, yeah, I actually work for Comair, the Delta regional airline out of Cincinnati. We have not posted any of our photos on the web but I'll tell you what I'll do . Instead of those, I'll give you a website that's amazing. It has tens of thousands of airplane photos with a searchable database. It's pretty amazing. And when you follow the directions, there are literally hundreds of pictures from Maho.

Go to
in the middle of the page, slightly down from the top, click the white key
that is labled 'take me to the photo search page'.

Scroll down the list until you come to 'Netherlands Antilles'. Just below
that, click on 'Philipsburg/St.Maarten'.

And that will take you to the pictures. the most recent ones will generally be the first ones, and the ones dated towards the end of July show pretty much what happened to the beach in this cycle. Actually, it looks a little better in July than when it first occured. I just looked at the Sunset Beach Bar site which has live webcams and there are still a few rocks exposed right next to the bar but down a little it looks pretty good. Here's a link to some airplane/beach photos from that site taken the end of July.

I probably would not try to hang on to the fence behind any departing airplanes myself. Those people look crazy to me. And, they can be very humorous when they get blown into the water. But is is an amazing place to see.

According to my excellent mathematic abilities (hah!), it looks like you are going on the December 2 sailing of Freedom. As it turns out, we will be on the November 4 sailing so if we end up over there, I'll check it out and send you a progress report. Otherwise, if anything drastic happens, which I'm sure it won't, I'll check with my brother. He looks at the beach webcams daily and e-mails with some people down there. I did notice you said your husband had some mobility problems. In that case, i was thinking you may prefer taking a cab to the bus. But even if so, it was not ridiculously expensive. On the return, we asked the brartender to call a cab for us and in fact, the last time, we had our driver on the way there set up the return for a specific time. Not the same cab but he did come on time. I was trying to think of anything else that would be helpful but nothing pops into my head at this time. If I think of anything else, I'll post them. And again, any questions, just ask. You'll have a great time.

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