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Originally Posted by ferrangi
Originally Posted by lumofny

What you have are FunShip Certificates. There is a difference between those and FunShip dollars. FunShip dollars you CAN use as onboard credit. Certificates can only be used as payment for a cruise made only through Carnival directly.
But they are saying that one of them expired... I heard that certifcates don't expire... anyway, they sure are taking their sweet time sending them back....
Well, I know I will be extra careful when buying those kinds of things.. in fact I was thissss close to buying fun ship dollars, then chickened out, for fear it wouldn't work out.
Now I'm glad I didn't... maybe on cruise #2
On the front these should be an expiration date. I believe two years from the date of issue. Travel does not need to take place before this, but your cruise must be booked and certificates applied toward payment before this date.

If your certificates dont have an expiration date on them, or any mention of an expiration date on the back, you may have a case. All the cruise certificates I've ever seen, and FunShip dollars, have expiration dates clearly printed on the front though.
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