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Default Re: Should I wear a shirt??

Use SPF 40+ and reapply often. Shirt = minimal protection. A Dive Skin is better. JFYR, I use a 1 mil full wetsuit and hood as my permanent "sunscreen" and can be out all day if I keep my face covered in SPF 40+.

Originally Posted by nurseypoo5
Ok, now before the captian falls over in a fit of giggles, let me 'splain.

Like ive said i'm whiter than white. Sometimes i burn easily sometimes not so much. If you had no pigment cept freckles, would you just always keep a shirt on even while snorkling? I'm sure being in the actual water will make me burn. I have lots of sunscreen but you know if you swim for a while and use a towel your fair game soon after.

I dont want to ruin my week with a painful burn. I thought about tanning for the n ext week but it just seems hopeless at this point.

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